Sunday, 20 May 2012

Girl Missing by Sophie McKenzie review

Girl Missing by Sophie McKenzie review
I have read this book countless times but thought, seeing as the sequel has recently been released, I should re-acquaint myself with the plot. And yet again this book lived up to every expectation!!!! It is every bit as WODERFUL as I remember it!!!!
Lauren has always wondered who she was- from the moment she found out she was adopted she has wanted to know who and where she comes from. School essays on ‘who am I’ don’t help much either! So when she asks her mum about her ‘real’ mother and gets the same reply as always (NO) she decides to take matters into her own hands and, in an impulsive action, looks on a Missing Children Website. That is when she first discovers Martha Lauren Purditt, a girl who was taken from her family when she was only 3 years old.
Here is the cover of the book:
It is a really powerful cover as the bluey splodges have the picture of a little girl in them- this makes you instantly know that a little girl is going to be lost. The splodges also show either rain or tear drops- I believe that they should be tears as they would then represent the tears that have been shed by the families of the missing children.  

My favourite character in this book is definitely Jam (Lauren’s best friend) the way that he acts to help Lauren is amazingly selfless as he puts himself in danger to help her. He often knows that what she wants to do could kill them both but he doesn’t leave her- he just keeps going along with her, his thinking is that when she is with him she has a much greater chance of surviving.
I think this book is wonderful as it makes me scared and happy at the right points- that is what makes a fabbbbbyyyyyyy book!!!
I think this book is unsuitable for kids under the age of 12 as it made me scared and would probably freak them out.
It is a wonderful book!!!!! 

Saturday, 19 May 2012

The crazy things girls do for love by Dyan Sheldon

The crazy things girls do for love by Dyan Sheldon
This book is all about the lengths girls go to to make the boy they like notice them. In this book the new boy at school, Cory, catches the attention of three very different girls (Waneeda, Maya and Sicilee). All three of these girls are very different but all have one thing in common- they no nothing and don’t really care about the environment. So when Cory arrives and turns out to a right nature geek (in a surprisingly hot way) all three girls must swot up on their saving of the world info.
Sicilee is your typical girly and popular girl- with a high reputation to maintain. Not really the sort to be caught handing out leaflets advertising green day, or is she?
Waneeda is the best friend of one of the nature club’s keenest members but Waneeda still isn’t persuaded to join the club. Once Cory joins will that all change?
Maya is your typical girl- large group of friends and quite fashion conscious, would she dare make a move that would make her into a geeky, unpopular no one?
My favourite character in this book is definitely Sicilee- she is popular and has the power to affect school in ways that only people with popularity can. Sicilee buys a bag so do the rest of the girls in school. I believe that Sicilee should use her social status to help save the world- rather than swan around school like she owns it.

The cover of this book is quite a funky and cool cover as it shows pink and cream yellow stripy tights and attractive title and author name. The background is lined paper to show a kind of school theme.

I really enjoyed this book, it is funny, entertaining and immensely like real life (in the way that there are so many social groups within schools) this makes this book so easy to read as you can see so many links with real life it made relate to the characters so much more.  
I would say anyone over the age of 11 would love this book- they would get the different social statuses that appear in any high school. 

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Glass houses by Rachel Caine Review

Glass houses by Rachel Caine.
This is the first book in the Morganville Vampires Series.
I know that nearly every book that is popular at the moment is a vampire book but I swear that this series is different- so gripping and involving for the reader.
The cover of this book is very intriguing with the dark blue shiny writing and half vampire head. I wanted to read this book from the moment I saw it in the library.
Here is the cover of the book:
The main character in this book is Claire Danvers, an extremely clever college student- in a college that only cares about looks. Monica, the meanest girl in the college has it in for the new girl (Claire). She will do anything in her power to kill Claire.
Claire decides that, in order to protect herself from the dangers of dorm life, she must move out. She discovers the Glass house- a house that is home to 3 older teenagers, Michael (the owner of the house), Eve and Shane. These three people prove to be the most valuable people in protecting Claire’s life during the next few weeks and months. They educate her about vampire ways and give her an insight into Morganville and how to stay safe.
I think this book is excellent as it shows that Vampires can be good as well as bad- many books show vampires to be all bad and evil creatures. I think this teaches an important life lesson- that in every race or group there are going to be the good as well as, unfortunately, the bad people.  My favourite character in this book is Eve as she, from the moment she meets Claire, risks her own safety (and sometimes life) to protect her. I think that this is a really selfless and kind way to act and it makes me admire her.
I would say that this book is brilliant for teenagers as it is in keeping with the trend for vampire books as well as touching upon love. The minimum age for readers of this book should be 13.